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by Jim on December 4, 2009 · 0 comments

HAPPY HOLIDAYS!! It’s my first-ever TV Holiday Gift Guide!!  I’ve spent the last few months looking for some of the more unique TV-related items that you should be picking up this season for your loved ones or, better yet, for yourself! And, because the holidays are about giving as much as receiving, some of our generous network and studio outlets (and a friendly LA baker!) have passed on a few items that I can giveaway to YOU over the next three Fridays.  Check out the items below and, at the end of the guide, you’ll find the first giveaway item!  Happy Holidays everyone!!
  • Laura Mabels LogoEAT THIS: “These are the best macaroons I’ve ever had!” : That’s what Laura Corrin-Gallo, the creator of Laura Mabel’s, said she heard from just about everyone she gave coconut macaroons to last year as holiday gifts.  Using the recipe of her grandmother’s (whose name was Laura Mabel, hence the company name) and putting her own touches on it, Corrin-Gallo decided to start selling them locally in Los Angeles and is meeting with great success.  “I’m also going to make my Grandmother’s Christmas sugar cut-out cookies with homemade vanilla frosting this holiday.”  LauraMabelCoconutChocMacaroonBecause of the natural ingredients, the items are only available in the Los Angeles area for now since even an overnight shipping cuts into the fresh taste. However, that may change if Corrin-Gallo starts to sell the macaroon batter, which is in her master plan. She definitely has a passion for these gems and said, “my grandmother has been the most influential person to me when I cook.”  And, trust me, I’ve devoured the macaroons and can only say to go to the Laura Mabel’s page on Facebook, email at LauraMabelTreats@gmail.com or call Corrin-Gallo at 310-663-2101 for prices and more information.  You’ll be in heaven!
  • JeffProbstBobbleHeadBOBBLE THIS: What to get that Survivor obsessed loved one but the Jeff Probst Bobble Head! While maybe not as cute as the real life Probst (though the dimples are present on the bobble head), what better way to give you something else to put on your desk and avoid doing work.  The Jeff Probst Bobble Head retails for $14.95 and is available at www.CBSstore.com.
  • FaceValueREAD THIS: Didn’t you always suspect there was more drama and intrigue going down on the CW’s America’s Next Top Model?  There are now four novels based on the popular Tyra Banks-hosted/Exec Produced series and with titles like Face Value, Eye Candy and Skin Deep (books 1-3), you know you’re in for a fun ride.  The first book sets up the competition with the winner revealed in book 4.  A perfect gift for the ANTP addict!  Each book retails for $8.99 and is available everywhere books are sold.
  • Bones DVDWATCH THIS: I know when someone asks me what I want for my holiday gift, I have no problem rattling off at least a dozen TV-on-DVDs that I have yet to add to my collection. This season, the kind folks at FOX sent me copies of the fourth season of the hit television series Bones starring David Boreanaz and Emily Duschanel!  Each season of this mystery with a touch of will-they-won’t-they intrigue seems to get better and you won’t be disappointed in the fourth season.  Sure you can go buy it wherever DVDs are sold (retail price is $59.98) but you might want to check back next Friday (yes, the bold and caps are a big fat HINT).  Maybe your TV guru Jim will have a new giveaway that you’ll flip over.
  • xmenVIDEO THIS: It was proven with the comic books and the movies that anything X-Men is not just for kids. The cartoon version of the series comes to DVD by Marvel and Lionsgate.  While you can buy the DVDs separately, why not go for all three volumes with the Wolverine and the X-Men: Volumes 1-3.  In this collection, you’ll get Heroes Return Trilogy, Deadly Enemies and Beginning of the End.  The DVDs are available on Amazon.com and anywhere DVDs are sold.
  • Howard FineCoverACT THIS: If you know anything about the ever-evolving tribe of young actors and actresses who don’t just want to be stars but want to learn to act and master the craft, then you’ve probably heard the name of Hollywood’s most sought after acting teacher, Howard Fine.  Now, you can find out the winning technique that has worked for such Hollywood legends as Brad Pitt, Will Smith, Salma Hayek, Brooke Shields and Dwayne Johnson.  Fine on Acting: A Vision of the Craft, (by Fine with Chris Freeman) is available wherever books are sold and includes a foreword by The Shield star Michael Chiklis.
  • TopChefQuickfireQUICKFIRE THIS: As the Las Vegas season finale approaches (go Kevin!), Bravo sent me one copy of the Top Chef Quickfire Cookbook.  The book is a collection of recipes from all the former seasons with a foreword by the lovely Padma Lakshmi herself.  But, hey, since this is the season for giving, I’m going to give away the cookbook as the first giveaway in my Friday December giveaways!  How to win it?  Just email me at jimhalterman@gmail.com before Wednesday December 9th/midnight PST and you’re entered.  Spread the word and check back next Friday for the winner and a new giveaway.  Ho Ho Ho!!!

Have a great holiday everybody!  Looking forward to bigger and better things in the new year!

Keep watching….

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