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The full series DVD of ABC's OFF THE MAP can be yours!!

Off The Map: Complete Series (DVD): Despite an appealing cast including Zach Gilford (Friday Night Lights), Valerie Cruz, Rachel LeFevre, Jason George (Grey’s Anatomy), Mamie Gummar and Martin Henderson, the medical drama set in the jungles of South America never caught on with viewers. However, while the Jenna Bans-created series (along with Greys EPs Shonda Rhimes and Betsy Beers) did not go on beyond it’s first season, fans of the show can now go back and relive the adventures.

Extras on the DVD set include Deleted Scenes, Gag Reel, “Jungle Medicine” Featurette, “On The Set at ‘Off The Map'” Featurette.

Check out this fun blooper clip from Off The Map:

The final B&S season is available now!

Brothers & Sisters: The Final Season (DVD): While many were shocked that the long-running ABC family drama was axed after five seasons, the Walkers had worn out their welcome as I felt stories had grown flat and contrived and cast members seemed to feel the same way as it had been announced that Calista Flockhart would be leaving the show. Nevertheless, the show had a loyal following and while the series finale wasn’t the strongest (I suspect the producers were hopeful the show would return), the DVD is for those diehards who want to relive the last chapter of the Walker family.

Here’s a DVD extra where sexy Gilles Marini takes you on a tour of the Walker home in the final season of Brothers & Sisters…

DEXTER Season 5 is in stores NOW!

Dexter Season 5 (DVD/Blu-ray): Viewers were torn over the 5th season of the series, which had a lot to live up to after the phenomenal success of season 4 and guest John Lithgow as the Trinity killer. Season 5 starts out slow since it would be wrong to skip over the reaaction of Dexter (Michael C Hall) to his beloved Rita’s death. However, the season-long arc of a finding a group of serial killers and Julia Stiles as an escaped victim who not only asks Dexter for help in her vengeance but also becomes his first-ever protege never quite gels the way past seasons have so it’s all a bit uneven. One bright spot? Peter Weller as a creepy former cop who gets more than a little close to Dexter and who he really is. The DVD has some fun extras including cast interviews including season-long guest star Stiles. Season 6 starts October 2nd so perfect time to catch up!

Everwood: 4th and Final Season (DVD): While I personally was never a fan of this too-soft WB series, fans ate up the growing pains of Efren (Gregory Davis) and his up and down romance with Amy (Emily VanCamp) as well as the adult drama of Dr. Andy Brown (Treat Williams). The fourth season was the last and while it could’ve lived on a few more seasons, the transition of the WB to the CW network pushed it off the schedule. The DVD features all 22-episodes on 5-discs. Get your copy at the Warner Brothers Shop.

Batman: The Brave and the Bold, Season 2, Part 1 is in stores NOW!

Batman: The Brave and the Bold, Season 2 (available now): All twelve episodes from the first half of the second season of the popular animated version of the Batman legacy is available now on DVD and Blu-ray.  In this season, the Dark Knight allies with such superhero favorites as Aquaman, PlasticMan, Blue Beetle, Red Tornado and Green Arrow to take on the evil doers of the world. To get your copy today, go to the Warner Brothers Shop.

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