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PREVIEW: SMALLVILLE’s 200th episode airs tonight on the CW!!!

by Jim on October 15, 2010 · 0 comments

James Marsters returns as Brainiac (pictured here with Tom Welling) on tonight's 200th episode.

Last Friday, I was invited to view tonight’s 200th episode of Smallville over at Warner Brothers with a group of my fellow TV journalists. While I can’t give much away about the show, I will say that for someone like me who has only checked in with the show from time to time over the last decade and not been what you would call a ‘regular viewer,’ this episode made me run home and make sure the remainder of this tenth and final season is ‘season passed’ on my DVR.

[NOTE–if you want to hear what Exec Producers Kelly Souders and Brian Peterson said to me about the making of the 200th episode and about rumors that Michael Rosenbaum/Kristin Kreuk/Dean Cain might appear this season, CLICK RIGHT HERE]

Not only is tonight’s episode, entitled ‘Homecoming,’ a great homage to the entire series and Clark’s journey, but it also serves as a terrific springboard into what is to come in the rest of this final season. I didn’t feel lost because I hadn’t seen every episode nor did I feel like I couldn’t jump in and join the rest of what will undoubtedly be a wild ride to the finish. And the acting by everyone – most notably Tom Welling, Justin Hartley and Erica Durance is as sharp, heartfelt and fantastic as it ever has been before.

Showrunners Kelly Souders and Brian Peterson have outdone themselves with this episode (which they wrote) and after the screening they showed up to field questions about this episode and the final season. While I would love to give you their chat with us, I made the choice not to post it until just after the West Coast airing of tonight’s episode because, like most of you, I hate spoilers and don’t want anything to ruin this great episode tonight. (Check back, then, at 9pm PST tonight for the posting of what Kelly and Brian shared with us). And, last but not least, I also wanted to mention that¬†director Jeannot Szwarc gives some great visuals in Clark’s ‘It’s A Wonderful Life’-like journey that he takes in tonight’s episode. Good work all around!!

AND for those of you looking for the video interviews I’ve been promising on Twitter, they are posted at the FutonCritic.com site. Great chats with the cast and creative team so enjoy!

Smallville 200th episode¬†airs tonight on the CW at 8/7c followed by Jensen Ackles’ directorial debut on Supernatural. Fantastic 2-hours of Friday night TV, huh?

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