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VAMPIRE DIARIES was one of the buzz-worthiest shows from it's first episode!

So, once Labor Day has passed, the 2010-2011 will kick off with the CW premiering new shows right out of the gate. So I took a little time to throw together five great moments from the last TV season. Now, there are a few I wanted to post but the clips either weren’t on YouTube or Hulu or the clips I found were not of good enough quality to post (or maybe they just aren’t legal either!).  So, let me know if there are other bits you thought deserve mentioning.

In no particular order, the five best moments of last TV season:

GLEE: While I think the scene where Kurt’s dad (played beautifully by Mike O’Malley) defends his gay son (Chris Colfer) to Finn (Cory Monteith) is the single best scene of the show’s first season, I couldn’t find a good clip of it online so, instead, here is a close runner-up, the Sue Sylvester version of Madonna’s Vogue.

Vampire Diaries :  I like to think that as a writer about and for television, I can usually guess pretty closely where a story is going. However, series creators Kevin Williamson and Julie Plec actually WOW’d me with the final moments from the first season finale. As things wind down, there’s a surprise smooch that you think is the WOW moment but then there’s an even bigger surprise that nobody could not have seen coming (because they masterfully had put it out of your mind a few episodes earlier).  I mean, I still am awestruck when I think about how Elena takes that knife and…then she reveals that, well, maybe she’s really…oh, just watch the fantastic clip!  (And be warned, it’s a bit graphic and bloody so not for the faint at heart though I did put the longer clip in so you could get a bit of hunky Ian Somerhalder.  You can thank me later)


Dexter: It will forever go down as another one of those moments that you didn’t see coming AND that, for regular viewers, you wish you could go back in time and change.  After spending the entire fourth season playing cat and mouse with the brilliant (and newly anointed Emmy winner for Best Guest Actor) John Lithgow, we all though it was over when Dexter (Michael C Hall) offed the sadistic Trinity killer and went home. His lovely, unsuspecting wife Rita (Julie Benz) was supposed to have been gone but when Dexter enters their quiet home and calls her what he hears is her phone ringing…from inside the house and…aw hell…it’s the final moment of the season and, as we found out at Comic Con, the new season will begin this fall right after this moment.  (Again, this is graphic so not for the faint of heart)

Modern Family: Maybe you’re one of the few (and I do mean the few) who didn’t take to this sitcom from the pilot episode. Get your butt to therapy and learn to love to laugh again! As for the rest of us, we fell in love with this family that effortlessly brought us hilarious, real moments mixed in with sentiment that often came out of nowhere but felt all too familiar. Thanks to creators Steve Levitan and Christopher Lloyd (congrats on the Best Comedy Emmy, guys!) for doing what they do so well. Season 2 needs to start NOW!  But, for now, here is a clip that helped with Eric Stonestreet his first Emmy in the Best Supporting Actor in a Comedy category. Long live Fizbo!!

Community: An actual clip from the immediately infamous paintball episode eludes me but this trailer at least shows enough to make you either pull up the episode again on your Tivo (you know you just could NOT delete it!) or rush to Itunes to buy it! The “Modern Warfare” episode easily elevated Community to the ranks of being one of the best new comedies on the air and I personally can’t wait to see what the writers have in store for the upcoming second season.

Have some other scenes from this past season that are must-see?  Send them my way!!

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