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Too much on TV? The 2011 What To WATCH/DVR/SKIP DAILY list is HERE! First up: SUNDAY!

by Jim on September 25, 2011 · 1 comment

THE GOOD WIFE lands in the WATCH IT category! (Josh Charles & Emmy winner Julianna Margulies)

New network television shows have been dropping (some heavier than others) for the last few weeks and there’s more to come this week and next. If you’re like me, you’re already having a hard time figuring out how to keep up with everything, how to sample all the offerings and then there’s just trying to make sure you make time (and space on the DVR) for the new seasons of your favorites.  Hopefully the following can help.

Every day this week, I’ll be posting WHAT TO WATCH, WHAT TO DVR and WHAT TO SKIP that can hopefully give you some direction. Some network, some cable but hopefully this will help you out more than a little bit. You won’t find every show under the sun on this list (leave me a comment if I missed something or you just want to know what I think)

Let’s start with…SUNDAY:

The brutal fight between Jesse (Aaron Paul) and Walt (Bryan Cranston) was a high-point thus far in an already stellar season.

WATCH IT: Sundays on CBS have finally gotten more interesting. Sure, 60 Minutes is still informative and watchable (and you always sound smart when you say “Did you see on 60 Minutes…“) but then make sure you watch what I think is the best reality competition show out there, The Amazing Race, which continues to be produced so well and with Phil Keoghan at its anchor, it continues to be a must-see even after 18 seasons! Finally, Sundays at 9pm et/pt now have the one show I made sure I watched live last season and what I think is truly the best drama on television (sorry Mad Men) – The Good Wife. If you’re already a fan, there’s no reason to sell you on it but if you haven’t jumped in, it’s not too late. (And check out my interview with Good Wife creators The Kings RIGHT HERE). To keep the drama ball rolling, you must be watching the last few weeks of season 4 of AMC’s Breaking Bad, which is spinning great stories with amazing performances by the cast including Aaron Paul, Bryan Cranston, Anna Gunn, Dean Norris and Giancarlo Esposito week in, week out. Next year will be an interesting Best Drama race since Breaking Bad wasn’t eligible this year for the Emmy. Once Breaking Bad wraps up in a few weeks, you can easily slide into the new season of Dexter and the new Claire Danes/Damian Lewis drama Homeland over on Showtime.

Ginnifer Goodwin as Snow White and Josh Dallas as Prince Charming in ONCE UPON A TIME

DVR IT: Once Once Upon A Time premieres next month (October 23rd), it’s going to warrant some checking out. The pilot was interesting enough in how we get to the world where fairy tale characters have been sent to live by an Evil Queen. In Entertainment Weekly, Ginnifer Goodwin compares the storytelling to Lost and while I don’t see that comparison yet, it’s worth a look. Also, HBO’s winning Boardwalk Empire kicks off Season 2 tonight so it will be another can’t-miss Sunday night series. I also recommend The Simpsons and Family Guy for those smaller pockets of time when you need something to watch and stir up a giggle or two. These animated series are still relevant, biting and always good for laughs.

So far, PAN AM, I'm not feeling it. (Margot Robbie & Christina Ricci)

SKIP IT: There’s also a lot of tired shows breathing their respective last breath on Sunday and I’m talking to you, Desperate Housewives and CSI: Miami. While ABC is trying to make it very relevant that this is the last season for the Wisteria Lane gals, I can’t help but feel like it’s a lot of empty hype and the show has already gone on too long. Despite adding the awesome Vanessa Williams last season, this show should’ve ended last season (well, at least I don’t have Brothers and Sisters to bitch about anymore so that’s the upside). And while I can’t give a full-on review of CSI: Miami since I haven’t been a regular viewer in ages, just the clips I see on The Soup are enough to remind me that I could never take Caruso gruff whisper-y way of speaking seriously. (Here’s hoping Adam Rodriguez lands somewhere great once this show finally disappears). Finally, while some of my colleagues feel differently, I didn’ t find much to love in the new ABC drama, Pan Am, which premieres tonight at 10/9c after the DH season premiere). While I do think measuring it solely against the superior Mad Men isn’t fair, unfortunately I found most of the characters flat and uninteresting and the spy plot that develops as way too contrived. And, also, the fact that our home base for the show is the airplane was unsettling to me. I’m always up for anything Christina Ricci does but this one feels like a big misfire. The show could get better but if it fails to connect, it will be a great timeslot for Good Christian Belles, which is a much better (and entertaining) series and we could all use a little (or a lot) Kristin Chenoweth to wrap up our weekends.

Check back tomorrow for my picks for MONDAY!

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verybookish September 25, 2011 at 8:26 am

Not watching Pan Am — Ricci scares me. Her forehead is just too damn big.

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