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Need help with TV Wednesday? WATCH IT, DVR IT, SKIP IT. Easy, right?

by Jim on September 28, 2011 · 0 comments


Who is next on Emily's revenge list?? (Emily Van Camp from REVENGE)

WATCH IT: This is an easy one. Keep it on ABC the whole damn night. You’ve got the underrated The Middle,  the promising new comedy Suburgatory, the Outstanding Comedy Emmy-winner (and deservedly so) Modern Family, the Spring midseason sitcom that may have kicked out Cougar Town but I think Happy Endings is a much better fit. And the new soapy drama Revenge premiered well last week so we’ll see if viewers stick around for the next few weeks.  But, keep that channel on ABC on Wednesday night. (If you missed my chat with Emily Van Camp, click RIGHT HERE)

Will Arnett and Christina Applegate as Chris & Reagan on UP ALL NIGHT

DVR IT:   Unfortunately, the rest of the night on the other channels are not must-see but could be some good DVR filler when you’re between your fave shows. I’m really enjoying the new sitcom Up All Night and am surprised how great Will Arnett is when he’s NOT playing a whack job (a la Gob on Arrested Development). He and Christina Applegate are a well-matched pair as marrieds and as actors and Maya Rudolph brings the rest of the laughs. It’s been awhile since I devoted much time to a season of Survivor: South Pacific  but I checked out some of the season opener and all the elements we’ve always loved are still there…and, while I still think Cat Deeley should’ve won for Outstanding Reality Host, Probst has still got it. And for those of you who just need a little dose of procedural drama, you can’t go wrong with Criminal Minds, which has castmates Paget Brewster and AJ Cook back full-time. (If you missed my cast interviews including Shemar Moore and fan fave Matthew Gray Gubler from the Paley Center, CLICK RIGHT HERE). There are plenty of other options which don’t really fall into the ‘Skip It’ category so feel free to give some love to The X Factor, Harry’s Law, Law & Order: SVU and CSI.

Connie Britton and Dylan McDermott? You deserve better than AMERICAN HORROR STORY

SKIP IT: While I have always liked Hank Azaria from way back when he’d pop up on Mad About YouFree Agents is a painful comedy that tries to squeeze laughs where there are none. H8R may have sounded like a good idea to some network exec but while the show’s heart may be in the right place (or is it?), there’s a reason the majority of us would rather gouge our eyes out than watch any show featuring a Kardashian again. Finally, American Horror Story is coming October 5th and all I can say is that sitting through the mess of a pilot did only one thing – ensured that I won’t be watching this series that makes Glee look like high art.

If you missed my list for Sunday and Monday and Tuesday, just click on the days and check out which shows to watch, DVR and skip altogether.

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