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What was said on the @HartHanson/#Bones call today? Find out HERE!

by Jim on April 18, 2011 · 2 comments

Brennan (Emily Deschanel, R) and Booth (David Boreanaz, L) investigate a case in the Florida everglades in the 'Finder' episode of BONES

@GeoffStults @BonesOnFox  Creator/Executive Producer/Twitterer Hart Hanson fielded calls from journalists this afternoon and I was there to get in a few of my own. While much of the talk was concerning the end of the current season 6 of Bones as well as how the pregnancy of star Emily Deschanel is going to be woven into the series, other questions were about the upcoming season 7 and the cross-over (aka spin-off) The Finder, which airs on this week’s episode. Here are my tweets taken during the call.

12:39pm: And here we go…@HartHanson #Bones is starting!

12:39pm “The last 2 episodes of this season I think are going to run the whole gamut of tone that #Bones does…” says @HartHanson #Bones

12:40pm: ‘Change of the Game’ as the finale title…”one of those shows that the Bones audience will talk about and enjoy hugely.’ @HartHanson

12:40pm: @MarisaRoffman asking a question!! Woo Hoo!

12:41pm: ‘If that moment happens to him then it happens in a splash of light,’ on Booth’s emotional journey on past relationships. @HartHanson #Bones

12:42pm: ‘It’s more like we did a cross over with a series that doesn’t exist yet…’ on @HartHanson not liking the word ‘spin-off’ on FINDER. #Bones

12:44pm: @HartHanson happy to do this cross over because he doesn’t have to be away from #Bones to shoot it. Casting the show was ‘hilarious,’ he sez

12:45pm: ‘He was just really funny…’ Hart likens @GeoffStults walking into the room to how it must’ve been when #TomSelleck walked in for 1st time.

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Brennan (Emily Deschanel, L) meets Ike (guest star Saffron Burrows, R), a colleague of Walter Sherman's, a professional locator hired by Booth and Brennan to help uncover some key evidence in a case.

12:46pm: The only character who doesn’t appear in the crossover is Sweets…everyone else interacts with the new characters.

12:46pm: “I guess we’ll know Friday morning how the #Bones fans took to…” the crossover and the #Finder cast. @HartHanson #Bones

12:47pm: Hart thinks a #Fringe/#Bones crossover would be fun…also a #House/#Bones crossover. @HartHanson

12:48pm: ‘The #Bones cast and crew is like a theater company,’ says @HartHanson on why he still loves working on the show. ‘These are great people..’

12:49pm: ‘Of all the shows I’ve ever worked on #Bones is gratifying and fun to work on and gives us a wide range of tones…’ @HartHanson

12:50pm: ‘We have a lot of decisions to make as we move forward into season 7,’ says @HartHanson on the next #Bones season (incl Emily’s pregnancy)

12:50pm: ‘We have a plan right now…we’re shooting the final episode of season 6 and we’ve had no cause to show or hide much of Emily.’ @HartHanson

12:52pm: ‘As far as that baby goes…I think the Jeffersonian probably has top-notch daycare…will become another source for story,’ says @HartHanson

12:52pm: (the baby in reference is NOT Emily’s but Angela/Hodgins…)

12:53pm: The season ending has a lot to do with the birth of Angela & Hodgin’s baby, FYI, says @harthanson

12:54pm: Other chars on #Finder if picked up…a Miami FBI/cop character (Walter’s main squeeze on-and-off)…avoiding another will they/won’t they.

12:55pm: ‘We’re still tending with the effects of Emily’s pregnancy on the show…’ no scripts in pipeline to keep shooting to avoid any delays.

12:55pm: …plus, the show is still waiting for its official Season 7 pick up, says @HartHanson. Network will weigh in heavily on Emily’s part in S7

12:57pm: @Snoodit is asking a question on renewal. ‘It’s just business stuff…license fee negotiations…’ says @HartHanson on why no renewal yet.

12:58pm: There will be a #Bones presence at #ComicCon this year but ‘we have not had a lot of conversations about it.’ @HartHanson

12:59pm: Did you know…Hart had turned down the #JerseyShore idea several times before finally doing it earlier this year. @HartHanson #Bones

1:00pm: That’s the end of the @HartHanson #Bones conf call. Damn, that 30 minutes went by FAST!!

As you all know, BONES airs Thursdays at 9/8c on FOX. Watch for my chat with THE FINDER star Geoff Stults coming up later this week.


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TapDiva April 18, 2011 at 3:15 pm

“Network will weigh in heavily on Emily’s part in S7”

What does this mean? Whether she’s on the show, how much she’s shown, the direction of her character? Interesting.

Jim April 18, 2011 at 8:46 pm

I believe what he meant that is when they do figure out what to do with Emily’s pregnancy, the network will definitely be very involved in the discussions. In other words, it’s something the show (Hart), network and studio are all going to be involved in. She’s such a big part of the show, it makes sense. Time will tell….

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