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Wanna hear what was said on the #Bones press call? Here are my live tweets!

by Jim on October 26, 2011 · 3 comments

What's to come on the new season of BONES? Let's go right to the sources!

@HartHanson @SquareChicken @BonesOnFox  So, as many of you know, there was a Bones press call this morning with Executive Producers Hart Hanson and Stephen Nathan and I thought I’d round up all my live-tweeting tweets from the call. Hope it whets your appetite for the new season of Bones, which kicks off next Thursday!  Can you believe it’s almost here??!!!  (Also–I’ll be posting my one-on-one chat with TJ Thyne this week and will also post this entire press call ASAP so keep checking back!)




Here we go…the #Bones call with Exec Prods @HartHanson@SquareChicken is starting NOW! Live tweeting extravaganza right here!

@HartHanson & @SquareChicken are in separate locations for this #Bones press call, FYI.

4 mini episodes? “We don’t have any idea what the schedule be.” It’s up in the air where or how they will air. “It’s a pickle…” #Bones

Sweets is crossing over for a #Finder episode, says @HartHanson. Closing in a Hodgins episode crossing over..have to check TJ’s schedule.

@HartHanson also says they’re hoping to find a place for #StephenFry to appear on #Finder#Bones

@SquareChicken says they just kept writing Booth & Brennan the same way in these new episodes. Very organic. #Bones

@SquareChicken: Didn’t want to approach a couple madly in love with each other…wanted to avoid the dinner where the couple makes out!

‘TJ is angling to be the lead of the show…he has so many ideas,’ says @HartHanson. ‘As an actor he’s up for anything…’ @Tjthyne

Episode 6 is debuting the new resident villain. There could be a Hodgins brother…attached to a piece of casting that would have to work.

There’s a lot of Angela and Hodgins in the first 6, actually, so we learn more about them than we ever have before, as well, says Nathan.

The BONES cast returns in the Season Seven premiere of BONES airing Thursday, Nov. 3 (9:00-10:00 ET/PT) on FOX

New Squintern (Luke Kleintank) will be recurring…@HartHansonsays they cast him just because of the actor’s name. #Bones

Booth and his Grandfather and Father story in the first 6 is one of the best stories of #Bones says @HartHanson. Kudos to@David_Boreanaz

Amnesia aspect? @HartHanson says he’s forgotten what they are…but he’s not joking! He really has forgotten! #Bones

‘The amnesia episode was obviously based on Hart,’ says@squarechicken#Bones @harthanson

@HartHanson‘s background giggling is a constant on this call, fyi.#Bone

@HartHanson and @Squarechicken are giving props to their writers for coming up with the technology/forensic techniques put into the show.

‘The science is correct and usually is mind-boggling to us,’ says@squarechicken on the accuracy of the science put into the show. #Bones

It’s @marisaroffman on the call!! Ask that question, Girl! And, yes,@squarechicken and @harthanson are teasing her. Of course!

Emily Deschanel and David Boreanaz

What’s up with Cam this season? A lot of her time has to do with the new intern and juggling the lab with a new dynamic of Brennan w/baby.

Daughter problems are coming for Cam but ‘there’s a lot more for Cam in the 2nd half of the year,’ says @squarechicken#Bones

‘We have so much to do with Booth and Brennan it was very difficult to service everyone as much as we would like,’ says@SquareChicken

When is production starting again? Prep starts December 1st.@HartHanson says Emily/baby doing great and Emily will be there! #Bones

@HartHanson advises @SquareChicken not to say they’re going to ‘write like the wind’ because ‘the wind blows.’ Funny guys! #Bones

@SquareChicken runs like a duck, according to @HartHanson. Not sure I’d say that’s an exclusive but BREAKING NEWS, perhaps. 🙂#Bones

@SquareChicken teases, ‘Booth and Brennan will catch most of the killers.” NOT anything exclusive there, right, folks? #Bones

@SquareChicken talking about the super gross thing. ‘It was just a little bit too disgusting even for me…’ #Bones

‘For him to say ‘that was too gross’ was amazing,’ says@HartHanson. No, they’re not telling us what exactly it is. Episode 6!! #Bones

Got my 2 questions in so all is good in the world. But lots more gr8 questions coming from the other journos on the call. #Bones

‘It wasn’t a valentine to the #Bones fans…it wouldn’t have been nice,’ they say about some of the gross effects. #Bones

The guys say that they learned a lot from the Gravedigger special effects on how far they don’t want to go in the gross factors. #Bones

On Emily shooting during pregnancy…shot eps 5 and 6 at same time. Emily was shooting on Monday and had the baby Tuesday. What a trooper!

In the 2nd episode, Brennan tackles a 350 lb man and, yes, it’s NOT a stunt double, according to the guys! Emily did it! #Bones

Emily wanted to do more things like running to get a body but they insisted they use a stunt double for that one. #Bones

SMOOCH!!! (Yes, we'll be seeing more smooches in the new season...)

‘She’s built from iron,’ says @SquareChicken of Emily. #Bones

Breast or bottle for Brennan? Hart says it’s something that they’re discussing. It will be in the show. #Bones

They hated killing Vincent Nigel Murray…@HartHanson said they hated doing it but knew someone was going to die. If his SyFy show goes away

@HartHanson said they’d love to find a way to bring him back. Maybe Nigel Vincent Murray? He says all the squinterns could go off and get a job leading a show any day now. @SquareChicken says ‘Don’t say that!’ #Bones

On #PatriciaBelcher appearing ‘She’s going to make at least 4 appearances this season,’ says @Squarechicken. David LOVES working with her!

@HartHanson says Patty Belcher is the least like any character of all the actors he knows. #Bones

They’ve shot 6 episode and in episode 7 Brennan is still pregnant but the guys won’t say for how long. #Bones

Will religion be an issue with Booth/Brennan? ‘I would say so, wouldn’t you, Stephen,’ says @HartHanson. The stakes are raised…#Bones

It will bring a whole new level to disagreements to Booth/Brennan.@SquareChicken says you’ll see that in the first 6 episodes.

Any birthday party for Brennan this year? Probably not…why define the age of a character, says @HartHanson#Bones

Thanks for wasting our last question…ugh! #Bones

And that’s a wrap from the BONES press call, folks!!!  Also posting my awesome chat with TJ Thyne and I will post this entire call ASAP. Stay tuned!!!

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Leigh October 26, 2011 at 1:13 pm

Thank you, thank you!! My two antsy questions were answered and I didn’t get to submit my questions. We’re getting more Cam, yay!!!!! More Caroline too!!!! I’m glad DB loves working with PB because she’s totally one of my favorites.

Piper October 26, 2011 at 2:25 pm

Thanks for sharing! So pumped for the new season!

ToZiKa October 26, 2011 at 8:52 pm

Those tweets woke me up at 4am this morning (should have turned off the phone or turned off the text alert for your tweets….) but I ended up reading them when I should have been sleeping….
Anyway thanks for all the new information.

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