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THIS JUST IN…Chyler Leigh on Lexie’s psych-o journey on GREY’S ANATOMY

by Jim on September 8, 2010 · 0 comments

Chyler Leigh says that Lexie is going to the psych ward in the new season of GREYS

During a press call earlier today promoting her upcoming Lifetime movie The 19th Wife, Chyler Leigh was asked by one of my fellow journalists what is in the cards for Lexie after the graphic shooting that occurred at Seattle Grace last season on Grey’s Anatomy, which kicks off new episodes on Thursday, September 23rd on ABC. (More on The 19th Wife interview right here on Monday, September 13th, which is the airdate of the movie). Here is what Leigh had to say…

Chyler Leigh: Right when we come back into it, you basically will start seeing the trauma manifest differently in every character. With my character in particular, she has a complete breakdown and she ends up having to go into the psych ward for  a few days because she can’t shut her brain off so she doesn’t sleep. She’s plunging into the idea of what had happened and really trying to rationalize the idea of ‘OK, What happened to us? Was it a murder?’ and being the kind of character Lexie is she starts researching everything and can’t stop and can’t sleep and so she ends up having to break down…and so everybody handles it a bit differently.  A new character comes in, James Tupper, and he’s a trauma therapist so everybody has to start doing mandatory counseling sessions and one-on-one and every person has to individually be cleared to go back to work. Some people do right away. My character, everybody sees her and starts looking at her different, especially since she has this complete breakdown – a quite public breakdown – and when it happens she feels she has to regain everybody’s trust and saying ‘I’m okay. I can handle this stuff. Let me do things’ but everybody starts tiptoeing around her thinking she’s going to crack again.

The new season of Grey’s Anatomy kicks of Thursday, September 23rd at 9/8c on ABC.

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