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THE ROSIE SHOW launches today on OWN! Will you be watching the return of The Queen of Nice??

by Jim on October 10, 2011 · 0 comments

Rosie O'Donnell is ready for her talk show return on OWN!

@Rosie @Oprah @OWN  Oprah Winfrey may have ended her long-running talk show earlier this year but who better to take over the Chicago studio space that housed Winfrey and her legions of fans than out entertainer Rosie O’Donnell. With her own self-titled syndicated chat fest, The Rosie O’Donnell Show (which ran from 1996 – 2002) and then her controversial time on ABC’s The View (2006-2007), O’Donnell definitely has the talk show chops to hopefully bolster lagging ratings at the network that Oprah built, OWN. That said, will the out comedian/actress/activist be able to get audiences to tune in at a time where there are more choices than ever on not only televisions but the web? Time will tell starting today when The Rosie Show premieres today at 7pm et/pt on OWN. O’Donnell first signed on the dotted line to headline her own talk show for OWN about a year and a half ago but Winfrey’s highly publicized final season of her own show needed  to wrap things up first. Now that that time has passed and Winfrey is now 100% involved in OWN, this could be the promise of a new day. “I think for Oprah and for the network, we do start on Monday (October 10, 2011). We begin the actual real launch. It was sort of a soft launch [for OWN] in January (2011), and now we begin again. And so I, like everyone else, have tremendous faith in her ability to do almost anything, and a woman with that kind of power and intellect and emotional accessibility…I think when she puts her mind to anything, it gets done. So we’re all excited.” While there’s a lot riding on The Rosie Show to help raise the profile of the network which has so far achieved less-than-stellar ratings overall, O’Donnell isn’t sweating out any nerves. “Some people have asked ‘Do I feel pressure?’ I feel nothing but privilege, truthfully, and it’s going to be thrilling. For [Oprah] to not only ask me to be on her network but for her to also give me her studio, her staff, her buildings and welcome me to her city…” In fact, the city of Chicago that benefited from Oprah shooting her show there for 25 years has been welcoming in every way to O’Donnell. “[Oprah] is totally the mayor of the city, the emotional mayor,” O’Donnell said, “because everywhere I go, people are like ‘Hey, Rosie, thanks for coming here. Hey, Ro, how you doing?’ I have yet to pay for a meal in any restaurant. At my hotel [where] I was staying, there were ….CLICK HERE TO CONTINUE

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