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Tamala Jones Teases Tonight’s Film Noir “Castle,” Beckett/Castle Smooches and Lanie’s Future With Esposito!

by Jim on February 6, 2012 · 0 comments

Stana Katic, Nathan Fillion & Tamala Jones on tonight's CASTLE. (ABC/KAREN NEAL)

Tamala Jones is usually seen wearing medical examiner scrubs on ABC’s hit crime drama Castle but tonight, during a 1940s flashback to help solve a case, the entire cast gets to play other characters. Jones, as a matter of fact, plays a torch singer who may or may not have a hand in the case that needs solving.

To find out more about tonight’s episode, entitled ” The Blue Butterfly,” I jumped on the phone with Jones last week to see what she would (and wouldn’t) tell me…

Jim Halterman: I saw this picture of you in this gorgeous dress looking like you’re singing a song. What can you tell me about this episode!

Tamala Jones: Oh my God! This episode is one of the best episodes. It’s my favorite! “The Blue Butterfly” [has] Castle (Nathan Fillion) and Beckett (Stana Katic) investigating a murder of a treasure hunter and they discover that that murder was linked to a murder that was never solved in the 1940s. Castle suggests that in order to solve this present day murder we have to solve the murder in the 1940s so you see these stylized flashbacks of the 1940s. It was sexy!

JH: How was it getting out of your medical examiner clothes and putting on something slinky and sexy?

TJ: [laughs] It was nice! Luke [Reichle] did a wonderful job. I mean, he was dressing our background actors [and] we all look like people from the 1940s. We embodied that once we had the clothes and the makeup on! We were there! It was an amazing experience. I loved……getting dressed up, I loved played someone different than Lanie. I’m a lounge singer but I’m in control. It’s my place and I know everyone who comes in every day. I loved it.

JH: What do you sing in the show?

TJ: I cover a song…I don’t know if Billie Holiday wrote it but she performed it and Joni Mitchell performed it and it’s called “Comes Love” and it is beautiful. They had a band come in, the horns were in there playing and they recorded some music and then I went in and recorded the song over the music. It was an amazing experience and I really loved what came out of it.

JH: Had you been nudging [series creator] Andrew Marlowe to have you sing on the show?

TJ: No! He came into the hair and makeup trailer and he said “Tam, can you sing?’  I said ‘Yeah, in the shower!’ We laughed and them he said we’re doing a film noir episode and you’re playing a Billie Holiday type lounge singer so we’re going to need you to sing like Billie Holiday a little bit. At first I was nervous a little bit and then I was okay with it because I love Billie Holiday. She has this slinky soothing voice whereas if you had asked me ‘Let’s do Aretha Franklin,’ I don’t think I could’ve done that. It was fun!


JH: Is it safe to say that what we see in the flashbacks reflects on the present day in terms of relationships like Lanie and Esposito (Jon Huertas)?

TJ: I don’t want to spoil it for you guys but I have to be honest and tell you that they don’t link everyone the same way they’re linked in the present day. We’re completely different and I think that was a brilliant choice to make for ‘The Blue Butterfly’ to take us back to the 1940s and give us a different character and different energy away from our regular characters.

JH: What can you tell me about what’s to come for Lanie and Esposito? They got together last year and it was great but now they’re not together!

TJ: I’m with you guys! I want to know, too! You know how they are! Those ninjas in their secret room [aka, the writers] but I think it’s open. There was a way it was left at Ryan’s wedding when Esposito walked her down the aisle and they had that little moment in the hallway before then so they left it open to where they could get back together but I think the energy will be different if they do. I think it will be more realistic where before it was just kind of hot in the pants for each other. [laughs]

JH: Were you and Jon surprised at the chemistry you had together because sometimes you don’t know until you embark on that story if there will be that spark.

TJ: Oh, no. Jon and I have been flirting with each other since the pilot! We’re both Scorpios so it’s like “Heyyyy….” We all have chemistry, we all do, and the way they wrote Esposito and Lanie was something that we could play with. We could play around and it was fun. Jon is a great kisser so I enjoyed it!

JH: To think you’re getting paid to kiss Jon Huertas!

TJ: Yes! And it was done tastefully because my Grandmother watches the show, too!

JH: When you do an episode like ‘The Blue Butterfly, is it a nice break from the normal stuff you do on the show?

TJ: It was nice to just come to work, dress up, go to hair and makeup and once you step into that room, you did become a person from the 1940s. You embodied everything about your surroundings and your wardrobe. It was such a delight to do that.

JH: And can you tell me if there’s a Beckett and Castle smooch in the past or even the present day? The fans are going to want to know!

TJ: I am going to say if they really want to know, they’re going to have to watch “The Blue Butterfly.” And I can tell you that they’re not going to want to miss it!

Castle airs at 10/9 c every Monday on ABC.

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