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[SPOILER ALERT!] Post-@DropDeadDiva chat with @BermanJosh about tonight’s shocking moments.

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If you saw tonight's episode, you saw the new development in the Grayson (Jackson Hurst) and Jane (Brooke Elliott) relationship

Now that you know the big steps forward Lifetime’s Drop Dead Diva took in tonight’s finale, I can finally post the rest of my interview with creator Josh Berman. In the first part of the interview [which you can read by CLICKING HERE], Berman talked about Brandy’s involvement in season 3 and a few hints as to what is to come in season 4. The following is what I couldn’t post earlier so you’ll find out why the show decided to let Grayson find out that Deb is Jane and, of course, the big Grayson/Stacy kiss as well as what is to come with the Parker/Kim/Elisa love triangle.  Read on…

Jim Halterman: The memories of Deb pop up quite a bit in the finale and results in something unexpected when Grayson and Stacy actually kiss!

Josh Berman: We had talked about that pairing forever but we couldn’t justify it but you needed that case where they’re like ‘I’m looking at you but I’m thinking of Deb.’ They brought a lot of the fun to it when Stacey was doing all the cute little dancing and stuff. I love her!  

JH: Of course, I have to ask that it comes out that Jane is Deb. That’s HUGE!

JB: Huge!

JH: Was that something you waived on or did you know that you wanted to do it at the end of season three?

JB: We waived on it a lot. We wanted to have a game-changer at the end of season three. We didn’t waiver on it coming out but I had a lot of internal debate about how it should come out and how to earn Stacy spilling the beans but not hating her for it. So when we crafted the story of the kiss, you kind of understood in that moment why Stacy finally spilled the beans; you don’t hate her for it.

Brooke Elliott and Josh Berman

JH: When they did Stacy’s intervention in last week’s episode, it crossed my mind that it could come out then but then it would be out of spite, right? You’d hate her?

JB: Right! It’s got to come from love, not anger.

JH: And Brandy was so great but now she’s left and Parker shows that he wants to know this kid to some degree. So safe to guess we might get a different side of him next season?

JB: It’s really going to dimensionalize him.

JH: What’s the time frame on Brandy joining Season 4 full-time? [At the time of our chat, Lifetime had not officially picked up the show for Season 4]

JB: As soon as we get picked up we can make her an offer.

JH:  Going back to talking about Parker/Kim/Elisa triangle. Are we going to explore that more in Season Four?

JB: Absolutely! Explore and the notion that they have that child…I want to see more of that child. We left it with Parker going off to find her and I think when he comes back he’s going to be a little different person.

JH: Let’s talk about the final moments of the finale. Did you waive at all about who would join Jane on the plane at the end? I heard the man’s voice and I wasn’t 100% sure who it was. I thought for a second maybe it was going to end there and the cliffhanger was who joined her on the plane. You could’ve shot multiple endings with all the different men, ya know?

JB: That’s interesting! We never thought of ending it there. That would’ve been clever! We wanted to know because we wanted that moment…we’ve had two seasons where Jane was confused and we wanted to end season three where Grayson was confused so that’s the evolution of these characters. Jane is happy. She grabs Owen’s hands and she looks away and smiles. We also spent a fortune on music this season, I don’t know if you noticed. It was our third One Republic song…

Frequent guest star Paula Abdul (with Josh Berman) will surely pop up in Season 4, right?

JH: …and that was the perfect song for the ending!

JB: It’s nice, too, because a lot of the musical groups that we couldn’t get early on they want to be a part of the show now. It’s nice getting those phone calls!

JH:  Johnathon Schaech does such a great job on the show but I guess since his character is put to death we won’t be seeing him again on the show, huh?

JB: Not as that character.

[Check out my chat with Schaech by CLICKING HERE]

JH: Talk about utilizing the death penalty story, which is a heavy story but you didn’t make it about should he die or shouldn’t he die. It was a whole other angle.

JB: It was a very tough story to break because of that. We didn’t want to distract Jane’s journey and I think Jamie Lynn helps with that because you just love her so much. She’s so good. There’s actually not that many beats to it because we’re focusing on Jane. My favorite moment in that story is when Kim says she has a cousin who needs a heart and she’s so cavalier about it, which I thought was a great way to one more time remind the viewer who these characters are and the context of the case.

JH: And those little things that you slide in are the reasons why we don’t think Kim is just a bitch. We still like her for moments like that.

JB:  Exactly.

If you missed the season finale of Drop Dead Diva or want to watch it again, it should be up on the Lifetime website, www.mylifetime.com, within the next day or two. 

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