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Sexy @MehcadBrooks on #Creature, 2nd season chances for @NecRoughness and #tattoos!

by Jim on September 14, 2011 · 0 comments

Mehcad Brooks getting ready to fight LockJaw in CREATURE

@USA_Network  Actor Mehcad Brooks always seems to have a lot going on and as we race to the first season finale tonight of USA’s Necessary Roughness, he also has a feature film in theaters, Creature. Whether he’s talking about the horror film or his work as the troubled football star TK. (Also, check out my Marc Blucas/Terrell Owens chat about the finale)

Jim Halterman: You’ve got so much going on right now with Necessary Roughness wrapping up season one and now the horror film Creature coming out. Are you a fan of horror films?

Mehcad Brooks: A huge fan! I grew up on all kinds of films but in particular I was always the kids sneaking into my grandparents backroom because I wasn’t sure my parents would let me watch it and my Grandmother would let me watch pretty much whatever. The People Under The Stairs, Scream, Nightmare on Elm Street, Halloween…all those things. I loved those movies and wanted to be a part of that.

JH: From your time on True Blood and now Creature, does it take away from the fun of watching horror because you know what goes on behind the scenes?

MB: Oh no, I can still enjoy a horror movie. As long as it’s not too predictable I think you can always enjoy a good horror film. It just needs to be scary and engross you enough in the story and pull you in to the point where you believe for a second that some of this stuff is happening.

TK (Brooks) has a pow-wow with Matt (Marc Blucas) in NECESSARY ROUGHNESS

JH: From watching so many horror films, you know some of the conventions of the horror film so when I saw you have your sex scene in the movie, I figured ‘Oh no, Mehcad’s going to die!’ The ones who have sex always die!

MB: [laughs] We have all the horror icon elements so there are all the things that people expect, want and appreciate in the horror genre but I think that we’re overly predictable.

JH: Tell me about the monster because the LockJaw outfit was crazy! How was it in person?

MB: I had my doubts at first and I thought it just looked like a guy in a monster suit and I was little afraid but then I got used to it and the suit was amazing. It was a lot of work that went into it and it was meticulously built and was beautiful. Then when Daniel Bernhardt put it on and added the physicality of the monster, I was actually afraid at certain points.

JH: I want to talk tattoos. It seems you have more ink on Necessary Roughness than in Creature. So which are your tattoos and which are the fake ones?

MB: In between Creature and Necessary Roughness, I’ve added some. I have one on my shoulder and I have another on my other shoulder. The ones on my forearms are fake. I’m a Scorpio, which is why we put the scorpion on one and there’s a dragon on the other arm for TK. They’re kind of a pain to always put on [laughs] but when the tattoos come on it’s easier to get into the character. It’s TK time.

Who can forget Eggs Benedict from TRUE BLOOD!?

JH: We’re still waiting for our second season announcement. What’s the scoop?

MB: I’ve heard some things that I cannot share and they’re still figuring things out but I can’t make news with this call but I would tell the fans not to worry.

JH: So, leading up to the finale, TK has been letting his guard down with Viveca (Jamie Lee Kirchner) and looks like he’s going to be coming to a crucial point in his life and career. What can you tell me?

MB: There are a lot of things happening with TK in the finale and it’s mostly about that place that we all get to – or that we all hopefully try to get to – where you finally get everything that you’ve ever wanted or worked hard for whether it’s work related or personal life or emotionally or all of those things. You keep tripping yourself up and you keep putting up roadblocks and hurdles because it’s not easy but, like many of us, we make it a lot harder on ourselves and TK is no different. He’s really sort of got some deeper mental issues than we’ve not been made aware of this season and it comes to a head in the finale. I think when people see it they’re going to understand a little more about where this guy is coming from and how deep it is and how much help he really does need.

Tonight’s Necessary Roughness finale airs at 10/9c on USA. For more on Creature, visit www.CreatureTheMovie.com.

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