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@NecRoughness’s #MarcBlucas talks HEAT in Atlanta and season finale cliffhangers!!

by Jim on August 3, 2011 · 2 comments

Do you think guest Andrea Anders had a hard time concentrating during this scene with Marc Blucas?

While you might see a lot of tweets going by on Twitter with TV critics and bloggers griping about the long hours of the Television Critics Association Summer Press Tour but there’s nothing better to restore your faith than when you get time to chat with an actor you like on a show you like and that, thankfully, other people are liking, too.

In this case, I’m talking about the always cheery and chatty Marc Blucas, one of the stars of USA’s latest hits Necessary Roughness, who was present at Monday night’s NBC party at the SLS Hotel in West Hollywood. The show is off to a very strong start and I’m just waiting for that press announcement to come that says the show is already being picked up for a second season.

While I didn’t get any real scoop on the Callie Thorne-starrer getting an early renewal, I did grab a few minutes with Blucas right after he came off the red carpet to chat about how he’s surviving the summer heat (the show is currently shooting its last 3 first season episodes), how Andrea Anders is stirring things up and what he thinks would make for a great season finale.

Marc Blucas says that there are interesting story ideas being tossed around for the season finale of NECESSARY ROUGHNESS

JH:  People are saying it’s hot here in LA but it’s nothing compared to what you’re enduring in Atlanta right now. How are you holding up?

Marc Blucas:  Atlanta is great but the heat is brutal. You don’t know if it’s worth the energy to hold a fan to your face and you don’t know if it’s cooling you off or making you sweat more. Callie firmly believes it makes her hotter when she takes the fan away so she doesn’t use the fan. I’m still torn on that one but it’s hard on the crew more than anybody and it’s hard on the makeup and wardrobe department because we’re sweating through everything. It’s tricky.

JH:  When I last saw you the show was just about to premiere but now that it’s airing and doing well, what are you hearing from fans?

MB:  Obviously it was a huge launch and it’s so great for all of us involved and obviously for USA and Sony but, here’s the thing, it’s just not an accident with USA. They know what they’re doing, they know what they want, they get in the business with the right people and they execute it. I think our show is well-cast, I think it fits in nicely in that we’re not so formulaic doctor-cop-lawyer and every week we can explore a new world – football, NASCAR, journalism – and it’s fun to see the central characters deal with the same issue as the guest stars. The show also has enough winking and laughing that you can have a good time. All my sports buddies say ‘Dude, love your show! It’s hysterical!’

Blucas would like to see something happen between Nico (Scott Cohen) and Dani (Callie Thorne)!

JH: Now that Andrea Anders has come in, which is what you were shooting when I was on the set recently, we’re getting to learn a bit more about Matthew. Where is that story going?

MB: I think what’s interesting about this arc with Andrea, who [as Laura, a PR shark brought in to save the image from the latest drama involving Mehcad Brooks’ TK) is so nice and so good on this show, is that Matthew knows what he wants and he makes sure that he has the freedom to do it. He puts Dani on the burner a little bit to make sure he has that freedom to go. It’s like ‘OK, I can go do what I want’ and he revisits an old flame. We’ve all had exes and we’ve all gone there, right? Andrea was perfect casting because it’s like Kelly Preston-light from Jerry Maguire. A very aggressive publicist…and here are two people operating at high speeds, both passionate and driven and ambitious so you can see where it works. It’s nice to see those fireworks go off between us.

Me on the NECESSARY ROUGHNESS set in Atlanta with Thorne and Blucas

JH: You’re getting close to filming the season finale. Is there a cliffhanger we can look forward to?

MB: I wish I could be in the know and give you some tease but the reality is that we kinda know when we get handed the script. We have the general idea that the Hawks have a chance to win the playoffs, we know we’re back in the Dome playing a game, it’s going to be a big movie event for us. I’ve heard all these rumors about Matt having this happen and that happen and I’m excited about what they pick. They’re exploring different storylines and where it is going to go and what it means as a whole or as a cliffhanger. I think we’re going to see a Dani/Nico thing. There’s something really fun about those two and I think that’s something that even I want to see. I think it creates all kinds of shit at work for us. I would love to see it happen and it would put Matthew in a place where he says ‘I thought the work thing stopped us but now it’s on’ so I guess that puts all of us in a very TV-uncomfortable place that is so much fun to watch.

Necessary Roughness airs Wednesdays at 10/9c on the USA network.

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Becki Ashford August 3, 2011 at 6:35 pm

Thanks for a great little interview. I’ve loved Marc and his work since his Buffy days and in fact the episode of Castle he guest starred on is one of my favorites from the entire series. I’m loving Necessary Roughness and I look forward to watching as the characters develop. AND I can’t wait to hear about their renewal for season 2!!

Barb August 4, 2011 at 1:11 pm

I am an old fan of Gilmore Girls and I would love to see a good outcome for Dani/Nico. Really like Scott Cohen.

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