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MUST WATCH TONIGHT: “The End Of All Things” episode of @FringeOnFox! Wyman/Pinkner Chat The Big Happenings!

by Jim on February 24, 2012 · 0 comments

(l-r) Blair Brown, Seth Gabel and John Noble in last week's "A Better Human Being" episode

While I was sitting in the writers’ room over at ABC’s Once Upon A Time yesterday, there was a press call going on with Jeff Pinkner and JH Wyman to talk up tonight’s amazing episode of Fringe. (I’ve seen it already and AMAZING is appropriate though never seems enough for this solid, intelligent, great storytelling – yet, still underrated – series). While I was not able to join the call, I wanted to pass along some of the excerpts from the press call, courtesy of FOX, along with a few clips for tonight’s episode. (Did I mention tonight’s episode is AMAZING?)

Question: How important do you think social networking is to the success and especially with the new Fringinuity in Twitter and GetGlue campaigns and everything?

J. Pinkner: I think we all operate now in a world that is so different than it was even two or three years ago.  The fans have access to the show and access to the creators even if it’s not direct.  I don’t know any television creators that don’t follow the message boards.  Just the feedback is so immediate to see what is working and what isn’t working and what’s working better than you anticipated. Then there’s such a temptation to just constantly write things that are going to make the fans happy.  You know, constantly just want to satisfy the fans and not sort of stay true to whatever the vision was of–oh, sometimes it takes a little bit of unhappiness to make those happy payoffs work better.  That’s something that is fascinating to us and has really changed the way that stories are told I think.

Question: So, it’s been another stellar season and I hate to have to ask.  But what have the conversations been lately with Fox and what are you guys hearing about for next season?

J.H. Wyman: Obviously that’s a big question.  We get that every year.  This is the God-honest truth.  We, Jeff and I, just do what we do.  You have no control.  We didn’t have control last year, the year before either, and the year before.  So we can only do what we do and that’s make the show that we love, continue to follow the path, the stories that we want to tell, great compelling stories, week to week that interests our fans and really hope for the best.  I think that any show that doesn’t have huge ratings that’s kind of what you’re always up against.  Meanwhile, conversations are ongoing.  Everything is running the way that things usually run in these types of situations.  I guess, we’ll find out like everybody else.  But we don’t fret about it because, really, it’s out of our control.  We can only step back and do our work and therein lies the past serenity.  So we’re hoping for the best and just doing what we love.

Question: There’s some online talk about Charlie Francis returning.  Can you guys touch on that?

 J. Pinkner:  I think that we have been in talks with Kirk (Acevedo) about coming back.  As we’ve said before there is nobody ever really dies on Fringe or so it would seem.  But there’s no, hey tune in on x and such week to see him.  There’s nothing definitive yet.

Question: What can you say about how [this week’s mythology-heavy episode] is going to affect what we see in the next couple of months in the final stretch here?

 J. Pinkner: Well it’s definitely, as they say, a game changer in that our characters learn a lot more and the audience is going to learn a lot more about sort of the Uber plot of our season, our season bad guy David Robert Jones.  The character … certainly for Peter this season and Olivia and Walter is going to start to unfold in ways that, hopefully, will be really both satisfying and challenging to our characters.  It’s sort of like, the 14th out of 21 or 22 episodes and it’s very much a hinge episode that’s going to launch us into the back half of the season.

Fringe airs every Friday at 9/8c on Fox.

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