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More @NecRoughness talk with #MarcBlucas & guest star (and TK foe) @TerrellOwens. Finale TONIGHT on USA!

by Jim on September 14, 2011 · 0 comments

Marc Blucas with guest star Terrell Owens on tonight's season finale of NECESSARY ROUGHNESS (photo: Richard DuCree/USA)

I already got Mehcad Brooks’ take on tonight’s season finale of USA’s hit series Necessary Roughness but what does star Marc Blucas think? Blucas participated in a press call earlier this week with tonight’s guest star, football great Terrell Owens, who plays a formidable foe of Brooks’ TK. Here are a few questions I got in with the guys about tonight’s episode.

Jim Halterman: Hey, guys. How are you today?

Marc Blucas: Good. Good. How are you?

Terrell Owens: Good, Jim. How are you doing?

Jim Halterman: Hey, very good. Marc, let me ask you a question first. In this last episode we saw Matt kind of laid it out for Dani basically saying, “Hey, I’m here, so do something about it.” But, if she doesn’t I’m guessing he’s not going to stick around. Is that kind of what we can expect to see play out in the Finale?

MB: Yeah. You know, I thought that the writers did a really nice job of kind of teasing that place in life in this episode that just aired. And then in the finale, Matt really lays that on the table and just say, “Hey, look, this is where I’m at professionally. This is where I’m at personally. This is where I’m at socially. These are the things I want in my life.” And he spells it out to her and says, “Hey, look, I have an opportunity to go somewhere else.” I’ve really tried to play Matt in a way that is very straightforward and blunt. I think that’s both strong and I think it’s vulnerable at the same time. But I think that we’ve all been through those transition points in our life where we’re waiting to say, “Hey, look, I’m ready to settle down or I’m ready for this.” Where we know exactly what we want. What is our happiness? We know exactly what makes us happy.

At the end of the day, Matt and Dani only had one night together but he sees the potential for something more and he wants to explore it. And I think it’s courageous to sit there and say, “Hey, look, this is what I want. I think it’s worth giving it a shot, and if not then we’ll have to go a different way with our relationship altogether or friendship.” So, I like that he really spells it out for her in the end, and then you’ll see how she responds.

Foes in life and on the field in NECESSARY ROUGHNESS. Terrell Owens (l) and Mehcad Brooks (r)

Foes in life and on the field in NECESSARY ROUGHNESS. Terrell Owens (l) and Mehcad Brooks (r)

TO: No, not too much. It’s definitely something opposite in terms of position that I play. But at the same time I took on my personality naturally as a receiver. I tried to channel that personality in the mindset and mind frame of The Minefield, if you will. The Minefield’s character, I mean he is the top dog. He is a guy that has shut TK down on any occasion at any time. And so this is a guy that’s trying to mentally…TK is already mentally out of it right now so he’s really just trying to check him out of a game.

So, to have that mentality, you know, shutting somebody down that he’s [not] going to catch anything…I mean, he’s going to stop them at any cost. That’s the mentality that I have on the football field in real life that when I’m up against somebody like The Minefield; my mindset is that you can’t stop me. No matter what you do, bring your best, you still can’t stop me on your best day. So, that’s the mentality that I try to bring out with The Minefield. And so, in talking to everybody that’s seen the show already they said I did a good job of pulling that off.

Necessary Roughness airs tonight at 10/9c on the USA Network.

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