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Is Jake Pavelka the hottest BACHELOR yet???

by Jim on January 11, 2010 · 0 comments

Jake Pavelka is ready for his close-up.

Jake Pavelka is ready for his close-up.

When Jake Pavelka found out he had been chosen to be the new Bachelor on the popular ABC franchise, he literally took his sculpted physique and…did a back flip in his yard.  “It was amazing,” Pavelka said during a recent ABC press call.  “I think I was so excited [and] I was just really flattered and humbled to be considered and then it actually happened.  I actually still can’t believe that that all of this happened.”

While Pavelka is a working airline pilot it’s not only his stable, sexy job that has 25 women vying for his attention (and, inevitably, his heart) on the new season, which kicked off last Monday on ABC (and nearly 10 million viewers showed up to check him out).  The 31-year old Jake (who is a distant cousin to equally hunky Jesse Pavelka, the fitness expert on Lifetime’s Dietribe) is also incredibly humble about his good looks and also about being dubbed by many as the hottest bachelor on the series thus far.  “My reaction is that’s really sweet of everybody.”  He added, after admitting that he can’t help but smile.  “Who wouldn’t love to hear that, but I don’t know that that’s true…I guess in the past [the show has] cast some good looking people.  But I don’t think I am by any means up at scale.”

Pavelka laughs it up with one of the ladies

Pavelka laughs it up with one of the ladies

While past Bachelors and Bachelorettes have found themselves in steamy situations with potential mates, one thing that Pavelka is not about to apologize for is anything he does during his time as The Bachelor, including climbing into a hot tub.  “I didn’t do this to make a television show,” he said.  “I went in just to fall in love and what I took with me was just being myself.  For instance…in a normal dating relationship, would you get into a hot tub in a swimsuit with the girl?  I mean the answer is yes.  I’ve done that in past relationships.  Why would I not do that now and give the relationship every chance I can?”

While last season’s Bachelorette actually apologized to her parents for some of the things she did on camera with her dates, Pavelka doesn’t feel compelled to defend his actions on the show.  “You are still in the swim suits so I don’t feel like I have anything to apologize [for].  I talked to my family in great detail about that and so I am very confident about everything that I did, you know, the way I handled myself on the show.”

Bachelorwith PlaneThe sexy pilot stated that although there is quite a bit of drama that kicks off the new season it’s not because of any secrets he’s kept in his life and, in explaining, Pavelka threw a verbal jab at a sports figure currently going through some fallout from his personal activities.  “I don’t feel like I have anything to hide,” Pavelka said.  “I don’t have a girlfriend.  Coincidently, I’m not married and don’t have eight mistresses.  Pardon me, Tiger Woods.  You know, I mean that is like cheating and real shady activity…I think everybody has got skeletons in their closet.  I mean it’s just impossible to live life you know in the 21st century and not have some sort of skeleton in your closet, but you know I don’t have.”

Pavelka also talked about the process of finding true love on a national television show as daunting but he was optimistic about the process.  “If I wasn’t confident in the beginning that I was going to find somebody, why go through the journey and all the pain and heartache and stuff like that in the first place?”

He also said the producers had gotten to know him very well and that may have had a hand in the type of women they chose as contestants on the series.  “Just from the top of my head to the soles of my feet, my temperament, the love language I speak, I mean they really do know me.  And I guess psychologically they know what type of girl I’m just going to be attracted to and that’s the way they cast.”

Knowing how well the producers would work to find him true love was something he saw first-hand when he was one of the contestants on last season’s The Bachelorette.  Even though Pavelka was not the final one chosen for Jillian, he kept a keen eye on the experience she went through during the show in finding her true love (Ed, to whom she is now engaged).  He also likened it to being set up by someone close to you.  “When you are going through this journey it’s like your best friend that knows you setting you up with the perfect girl.  In this case, it happens to be 25, but you know how a lot of times in life that with those types of relationships your best friend knows you and but also knows this girl over here, and he makes the match or she makes the match and it winds up working.”

During the press call, Pavelka was asked about his reputation on The Bachelorette as being a people pleaser and whether that got in the way of his position as The Bachelor.  “That was something I was concerned about but, amazingly enough, it really didn’t.  The way I avoided that was just staying really focused on trying to find that one special girl you know amongst the 25 women.”

One of the other beneficial things to dating Pavelka, he said, is his work schedule as a pilot.  “This is such an incredible job.  My schedule consists of flying three days a week and I have four days to do other things.”  He also said that a schedule like the one he has “ provides a relationship a little bit of air [but] when I am at home for four days, I am really home, I am right there, lots of love.  But when I am gone, it gives the relationship just a little time to breath.”

All in all, the experience of finding a mate with a camera crew on hand was difficult for the single man since the producers didn’t exactly send him a crew of hags to try to win his heart.  “I can honestly tell you,” he offered, “there were many women on [the show] that were so close to being everything that I have ever wanted and I felt like vice versa on their part.  But for some reason there wasn’t a feeling or they would have to change this one little thing about them, or you know – and I didn’t want to go on there and fix anybody.”  He added, when it comes to dating and finding true love, “I don’t want to fix you, I don’t want you to fix me.  Let’s just fall in love as we are.”

The Bachelor airs Mondays on ABC at 8/7c.

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