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INTERVIEW: MEN OF A CERTAIN AGE’s Bakula/Braugher and co-creator Royce talk Season 2

by Jim on December 6, 2010 · 0 comments

Scott Bakula, Andre Braugher and Ray Romano kick off season 2 tonight

@TNTWeKnowDrama  There was one person who wasn’t surprised that Ray Romano, best known for his Emmy-winning titular role in the popular sitcom Everybody Loves Raymond and stand-up work, was just as adept at delivering a solid, dramatic performance when the role called for it. That person was Mike Royce, who had worked with Romano on the sitcom and helped co-create the drama Men of a Certain Age, which returns for a second season tonight on TNT. In the series, the lives and friendship of three late-40something men – Romano as newly divorced Joe, Andre Braugher as car dealer Owen and Scott Bakula as horn dog/wannabe actor Terry – is explored as the guys continue to try to figure out where their dreams went and when they’re going to reach the point of happiness. To find out more about this new crop of episodes, I chatted with Royce, Braugher and Bakula about the easy chemistry between the three leading men, what is to come with Joe, Owen and Terry this season and the advantages of finding a home on at the TNT network.

Jim Halterman: Mike, when you were working together with Ray on Raymond did you see that there was this dramatic actor brewing under all that comedy?

Mike Royce: Well, I think he was always underrated. People took it for granted what he did and I think when the show first came on he was unfairly lumped in with Jerry Seinfeld, who makes no bones about not really being an actor and having limitations. I think because Ray did stand-up and the show was built around his stand-up people lost a little bit of appreciation of the nuance and what….CLICK HERE FOR MORE

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