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INTERVIEW: It’s a Winter Wonderland at ABC’s WIPEOUT!

by Jim on January 6, 2011 · 0 comments

The Big Balls are BACK on ABC's WIPEOUT!

@Wipeout  No other show can boast its return with the promise that ‘the Big Balls are back’ except ABC’s popular “Wipeout,” which kicks off its winter edition with the usual treacherous obstacle course but this time with a winter wonderland spin. While the Big Balls (which have to literally be jumped upon and across without falling into the water below) are easily the most popular feature on the show, the winter twist this time around includes such tough obstacles as a spinning ski lift, airborne hockey pucks as well as snowballs literally thrown at contestants while trying to stay upright.

I recently headed north of Los Angeles to visit the “Winter Wipeout” set and while he did not attempt the course himself, he did talk with hosts John Henson and Jill Wagner as well as Executive Producer Matt Kunitz about whether the Big Balls are the toughest part of the course, what makes for a good contestant and, of course, how they go about making things as safe as possible for all involved.

“As crazy as the Big Balls are,” said Kunitz, “they’re probably one of our more safer things out here. The things that scare me [are] the snow blowers…they are these big moving arms that are going up in the air. When it gets to highest point in the air, it’s probably 10 feet off the ground…http://www.thefutoncritic.com/interviews/2011/01/06/interview-wipeout-co-hosts-john-henson-and-jill-wagner-175304/20110106_wipeout/

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