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How’s Emily doing working long hours? Are babies hard to work with? Is a serial killer coming? Chatting with BONES’ Michaela Conlin!

by Jim on August 19, 2011 · 15 comments

The lovely Michaela Conlin just loves to smile!

@BonesOnFox  I was in Bones heaven during the recent Television Critics Association Fox party held at Gladstone’s on the beach of Malibu. I had already talked to Hart Hanson and chatted up Tamara Taylor so who did I see next but the lovely, smiley Michaela Conlin. We’ve chatted several times now so it was a very easy chat and since shooting on Bones was still pretty fresh, there weren’t too many spoilers…or maybe she did let something slip. Hmmm….read on, folks…and leave me a comment telling me what you think. (And don’t forget to tell me your favorite moments/episodes/guests from 6 seasons of Bones by CLICKING RIGHT HERE)

Jim Halterman: Great to see you again.

Michaela Conlin:  Last time I saw you was at the Paley Center.

JH: That’s right! So, what can you tell me about the new season? I just talked to Hart but what have you got for me?

MC: I hope he gave you more than I can give you! I don’t have very much scoop but we have a great new intern (Finn Abernathy, played by Luke Kleintank). He’s really good and I’m really excited about that. He has a shady past and…[as a waiter walks by with a tray of mini-sliders…can all my interviews take place around food, please!] I’m going to take one of these burgers but I’m not going to eat it during this interview.

JH: You want to take a break and eat?

MC: No, but thank you. You’re really sweet! [She keeps her word and just politely holds the burger…I had one earlier and they were good burgers!]  But I heard that there’s going to be a serial killer this season and I don’t know if I’m allowed to talk about it but…well, it’s out there now. I heard that and I don’t know if it’s true and I hope I’m not making something up. I think Hart said something at the end of last season. We also have a real baby. Did TJ tell you about our real child when you talked to him?

Halloween is always fun at the Jeffersonian! (Deschanel, Conlin, Taylor & Boreanaz)

JH: Hart did! He just told me that you cast the most beautiful baby.

MC: They really did! They’re twins and they’re very, very cute. People keep asking if I don’t like working with the baby but I really do! He really keeps you very in the present moment and it’s definitely hard when you have to balance someone else’s child on your hip and hit your mark.

JH: Have you worked with babies before now?

MC: No, actually, I never have worked with a baby before!

JH: So what do you do if the baby starts to cry?

MC: They do [cry] and I just try to bounce him a little bit and give him kisses. He is so cute and he smells really good.

JH: From what TJ told me, the baby stories will probably be lighter and more comedic. Is that how it’s been so far in shooting?

MC: It seems that so far that’s what it has been. I know Angela and Brennan, being that Brennan is pregnant, we’ve had some really great scenes so far of us talking about hormones and all of that, which I am really enjoying. I’ve really loved the storyline with her being pregnant. It’s been so much fun for me as an actress and as a friend.

JH: Tamara said there is a little time jump to catch up with Emily’s belly?

MC: Yes, there is! It’s a real belly! Emily’s is real. Mine was not real. [laughs]

While BONES wasn't at Comic Con this year, they've made appearances many other times (Taylor, Boreanaz, Conlin, Daley)

JH: How does Emily seem to be doing working during this time? She’s pretty far in her pregnancy by now!

MC: She’s wonderful! She has more energy and I’m like, ‘How do you do it?’ I don’t ever want to complain because she is such a hard-worker. It’s unbelievable. She’s doing really well and she looks great.

JH: How did you spend your hiatus?

MC: I was in New York for two months and it was so great!

JH: So you got some down time?

MC: Yes!!

[Geoff Stults, who has been standing nearby, interjects that Walter and Angela should get together…]

MC: [laughs] That would be fine with me.

JH: Well, that would sure be a special episode of Bones, right?

[laughs by all…end of interview but don’t worry. I would bet money that Michaela was just kidding! Angela has Hodgins and baby Hodgins, right? And the gregarious Mr. Stults was just joking! I will post my chat with him from the TCA/FOX party next week! Now, what do you think of this serial killer story that Michaela mentioned…???]


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