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How do you make a BURN NOTICE movie not a BURN NOTICE? Creator Matt Nix speaks!

by Jim on April 15, 2011 · 0 comments

In THE FALL OF SAM AXE, Bruce Campbell is in front of the camera and Jeffrey Donovan is behind.

Since its premiere in 2007, the hit series Burn Notice has created a world where much of what happens in the present – notably the ‘burn notice’ put out on Michael Westen (Jeffrey Donovan) that started the action in the series – is heavily influenced by events in the past. While it didn’t come as a huge surprise that creator Matt Nix would eventually get around to making a prequel to the series to truly dive into that past, it was a surprise that he did not choose Westen but, instead, the character of Sam Axe (played by Bruce Campbell) to take center stage. The feature-length prequel, Burn Notice: The Fall of Sam Axe, directed by none other than Mr. Donovan, premieres this Sunday on the USA Network.

I talked to Nix earlier this week about when the kernel of this idea began, the fine line in making this film stand on its own while not losing the “Burn Notice” flavor as well as if we could possibly see more movies down the line with other characters from his top-rated series.

Jim Halterman: When did the first thought of doing the movie come to you? When you first created the show, you probably had a lot of back story already, right?

Matt Nix: I, like most people, knew Bruce as a movie star and so it was really in season two when I was saying ‘Maybe we can do a movie with Bruce.’ He has his fans, we have our fans and it seemed like we had a good opportunity here. I didn’t really actively start working on it for some years but it was something that had been percolating for the last few seasons.

JH: How did it come to fruition that Jeffery Donovan would be the right person to direct the film?

MN: We wanted somebody who really knows the show, right? It’s gotta be both the show and not the show. It’s gotta be something that’s recognizably of the ‘Burn Notice’ world and somebody who knows the tone really well. At first, I think everybody liked…CLICK HERE FOR MORe

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