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From PTown to Sarah Palin to SMASH, @KateClinton still brings the funny

by Jim on July 5, 2011 · 0 comments

The always funny and chatty Kate Clinton at a past GLAAD event.

It’s summertime and while it’s easy to find comedian Kate Clinton in one usual place – Provincetown – she also seems to be popping up on our computers and our televisions. The outspoken comic who regularly writes witty blogs and posts hilarious video of her world observations on www.KateClinton.com, was one of the pundits seen recently in the PBS documentary Out In America and also appears in the pilot episode of the highly anticipated NBC midseason drama, Smash, starring Will & Grace alum Debra Messing and American Idol singer Katherine McPhee.

I called Clinton at her home in Ptown to talk about her busy schedule, the gay marriage issue, what she thinks of Sarah Palin touring the country and how utilizing the internet has loosened her up.

Jim Halterman: I didn’t know you had done the pilot for the midseason series Smash on NBC until I turned it on and there you were! I must’ve missed a tweet!

Kate Clinton: It was so exciting! It was amazing to be around those young singers and then to do another take and they were just blasting out. It was awesome!

JH: Any chance you could be a part of the show once it gets started midseason?

KC: I don’t know! The pilot was picked up for 13 episodes and I certainly reminded them that I’d love to and I’m available. If they go back to that audition room then I’m there.

JH: Out In America was such a great documentary. We never get tired of hearing our coming out stories, do we?

KC: I know that with my young friends whenever we start talking about our coming out stories they all do that eye rolling thing and say ‘Here we go again.’ It’s really important, though, because some people think they’re out but they’re not fully out. You gotta say it! A lot of our coming out stories are saying, ‘I am a lesbian.’ ‘I play softball’ doesn’t cut it! And it’s a part of our history and it’s an important part. I believe that it’s still one of the building blocks of our movement. It’s stunning to me to talk to people who…CLICK HERE TO CONTINUE

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