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“Falling Skies” Preview: Drew Roy Talks Wrapping Series, Hal/Maggie “Resolution”

by Jim on August 28, 2015 · 0 comments


Maybe if I just stay in here I won’t have to decide on Maggie or Isabelle.’ (Drew Roy, TNT)

Will the skies in TNT’s long-running sci-fi drama Falling Skies finally clear and let the sunshine through? Or are the Masons and everyone on their team losing their final battle for peace?

That’s where we are as we head into the final hour of the Steven Spielberg-produced series, which says goodbye this Sunday.

Before we could say goodbye, though, it was time for one last sit-down with series star Drew Roy to find out if we’ll see a happy ending for our team, is Pope (Colin Cunningham) really dead, Roy’s feelings about how he’s changed as an actor since that pilot episode and whether fans will get some sort of resolution with Hal and his love, Maggie (Sarah Carter).

Here are two parts of our interview from last week at The Abbey in West Hollywood with the third part posting Monday as a post-mortem to that final episode. (I have seen it and it’s epic and very, very satisfying).

Falling Skies airs its final episode this Sunday at 10pm on TNT. 

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