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@CW_VampDiaries EP @JuliePlec teases tonight’s fall finale with updates on Delena, bad Stefan and taking down Klaus.

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Joseph Morgan is up to no good as Klaus on tonight's THE VAMPIRE DIARIES

#TVD  With tonight being the last new episode of The Vampire Diaries until the new year, there was definitely a lot to talk about with Executive Producer Julie Plec about the goings on in Mystic Falls these days. Plec, always good at teasing the details without giving too much away to yours truly, touched on all the storylines driving the show’s third season including the triangle between vampire brothers Stefan (Paul Wesley) and Damon (Ian Somerhalder) with the lovely mortal Elena (Nina Dobrev), the reason why some characters seem to disappear for episodes at a time and what exactly the arrival of Original family member Mikael (Sebastian Roché) means in tonight’s episode.

Jim Halterman: Talk to me first about Stefan and Damon. To me, it seems Damon is getting nicer and Stefan, of course, is on a bad track right now due to Klaus (Joseph Morgan). But where are things headed?

Julie Plec: I think that it’s nothing so specifically tangible that today one is good and one is bad and tomorrow will be different. I think that the series-long evolution of these characters Is that there are two things at play with them and that’s that they are two brothers who were once human, lived a human existence and became vampires, which we labeled it [last week] as a predatory species. There is constantly that battle fighting within both of them. Damon, in his own weird way, handles being a vampire better than he handles being a human being. Stefan is better as a human being than he is being a vampire and so the switch in their roles and where they are in relationship to each other is often just whoever is having the bigger internal struggle. For poor Stefan, unfortunately, he is a really, really, really dark, troubled vampire who has a very difficult time coming out the other side of that and right now he’s under having been compelled to turn off his humanity. I think he is a little bit happier there and more protected there because he doesn’t have to deal with all the things he hates about himself as a human. So with Stefan, what’s going to happen? Is he always going to have to be under Klaus’s rule? Will he always have to obey Klaus or will he be able to find a way to turn that humanity switch back on and if and when he does what does that mean for his relationship, specifically with Elena? Has too much happened? Has she seen too much? Has he done too much? Can that be saved? And where is his brother now fitting into all this?

JH: Of course, everyone is excited about the potential for Damon and Elena to be together which I might guess would be all the more reason to keep them apart. But it almost seems like destiny. What can we expect to see with ‘Delena?’

JP: I think the complicating thing about Damon and Elena is she, as a girl who fell head over heels for a vampire, maybe should’ve learned her lesson but instead what’s happening is that she’s falling into a deep, deep, deep friendship and level of trust with the least likely person in her life. I think that’s really complicated for her because it’s going to make her ask herself all sorts of questions about ‘Who am I? Why do I love the way I love? Why do I love who I love? What am I supposed to do…CLICK HERE TO CONTINUE

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