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Behind-The-Scenes Peek Into The “So You Think You Can Dance” Season 10!!

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The auditions for the tenth season of Fox’s So You Think You Can Dance have wrapped up in Los Angeles with the next stop being final auditions in Las Vegas. While the lucky hopefuls stretch and get ready for their big moment, there’s much working going on behind the scenes with the SYTYCD crew.

For Adam Cooper (pictured below), Supervising Producer of the Fox series, the work is just beginning as they shoot footage of the auditions but also various stand-ups with Emmy-nominated host Cat Deeley that will be used in the show when it airs starting May 14th.


I wanted to know a bit more about what goes on behind the scenes so grabbed some time with Cooper to chat up what a typical day during LA Auditions might be like.

Jim Halterman: Tell me what you’re doing here today for So You Think You Can Dance.

Adam Cooper: Today we’re doing Los Angeles auditions for season 10. It’s our last stop on the audition tour. This is usually our strongest city, where we find the most talent for the top 20. I think usually 50 percent of our top 20 come from LA. It’s where the best dancers in the country are.

JH: So this is the strongest city. Have you been to all the other cities? Do you travel around with them?

AC: Yeah. I’ve been on the show for eight seasons now. This is our final city. We’ve done Memphis, Austin, Detroit, Boston and now LA. Yeah, eight season on the show and finally we’re at season 10, double digit.

JH: What, if anything, have you seen change over the last eight years as far as the types of dancers or the dancing that they’re doing or just the number of people that show up to these?

AC: I think numbers are similar but from my first season, you’re either contemporary or you’re hip-hop. Now everyone can do everything. People are coming to do hip-hop, ballroom, contemporary, Broadway, Bollywood. I mean we had someone in Memphis that did Mongolian cup dancing. The standard is unreal now 10 seasons in. Unreal.

JH: With this show, what do you do when the show actually starts production? What’s your job?

AC: During the road on these days we go in the line and we find all the characters and we film all the stuff at the opening of the city. Today is really a process day of finding out who the characters are. We interview them off camera to get their story. Then the next two days I’m going to be interviewing and filming all the covering footage for the show. And we’re editing Austin and Detroit right now. So, it’s going to be putting together all the shows.

JH: When you say people you’re looking for in the line, are you looking for a certain look or personality or is it just kind of random?

AC: I mean you never know. Someone can look like a Susan Boyle. Someone can look like you wouldn’t think they’re a star and they’re an amazing dancer. So, we’re looking for characters because it makes good, entertaining TV. We’re looking for amazing dancers, which is why we’ve done it ever single year for 10 seasons because it always guarantees great dancing.


JH: The show does not run year round, so when you’re not on this show what else are you doing?

AC: When I’m not on this show, I’ve done two seasons of American Idol in the edits. So I did last season and then season 10. Then I’ve also done Mobbed for Fox with Howie Mandel and I’ve done a show called Next Great American Band for NBC. Since I moved to America six years ago, it’s always been the competition reality shows. That seems to be the big thing right now.

JH: When you first came here, how did you even get into this? I always feel like people don’t necessarily plan to do this kind of job.

AC: I worked with Nigel Lythgoe on Pop Stars. It was kind of the start of the realty TV boom in England. Then I did Pop Idol with him in England. Then he invited me to come over here for season three. I’ve done every single season since then, so it’s been back to back work for six years, which has been amazing.

JH: Bottom line, Nigel’s a good person to know.

AC: Nigel’s the person you want to know in Hollywood if you want to be TV and particularly reality TV.

JH: What are some of your highlights from SYTYCD?

AC: The highlight so far, getting nominated for an Emmy for the first time was kind of amazing because you’re against all the juggernaut shows like Idol and Dancing with the Stars. For our little show to get nominated…I think the show has changed. It’s become a very serious dance show. The top 20 is always amazing dancing. I’m always blown away by how talented people are.

JH: Cat needs an Emmy.

AC: Cat definitely needs an Emmy. She deserves an Emmy.

JH: What is your long-term goal? Are you just happy doing what you’re doing right now?

AC: I mean I think the reason why this show has been successful is because we’ve always had the same team for 10 seasons. The core of the team has been the same. So, it’s a great, fun show to work on. I think you always say I want to go do something different but you just realize when you’re on this show how much fun it is and how great it is. I think long-term goal I’ll keep doing this show for as long as it goes. Then I’ll try to pick everything in between. It would be nice to do something different from competition and reality. I’d love to do some documentary type stuff. But you can’t be too picky.

The tenth season of So You Think You Can Dance begins on May 14th on Fox.


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