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ASK JIM: How long for BONES’ Hannah?? Taylor Kinney?? LONE STAR ratings?

by Jim on September 27, 2010 · 3 comments

It’s funny when you can tell what the fans are loving or up in arms about because suddenly I start getting a lot of tweets and emails about the same thing over and over and over. But, you’re asking the questions and it’s my job to get the answer, right? (And, for future reference, all you have to do to submit a question is email me at jim@jimhalterman.com or tweet me at @jimhalterman).

Nothing like a good triangle to get BONES fans worked up!

Dear Jim: I love Bones and I’m going really crazy here because of some things that have been said about Katheryn Winnick‘s Hannah Burley. I didn’t jump to conclusions about her, I’m willing to give her a chance and I may even like her after all (she seems nice and I like Winnick’s previous jobs), but what I’m not willing is to have to watch her for (almost) a whole season. Anyway, do you have any idea if her departure has been delayed? I’d appreciate very much if you answered me back.    —-Amanda  (@amc815 on Twitter).

JIM: Amanda, you are not alone. Really! I have been hearing about everyone’s fear of what Hannah is going to bring to the table on Bones ever since the character was announced. Hopefully you saw when I asked the question about giving Hannah a chance to both Hart Hanson and Emily Deschanel at the Fox premiere party. In answer to your question, a Fox rep told me that, as of now, the number of episodes Winnick will apear in has not been confirmed so I think we’ll be seeing Hannah for more than just an episode or two. Deep breaths everyone…  [Note:  For my 2-part interview with Winnick, click INTERVIEWS above and hear what SHE has to say about Hannah!]

Wesley and Kinney go head to head as Stefan and Mason on VAMPIRE DIARIES

Dear Jim: I’m loving the addition of Uncle Mason on The Vampire Diaries this season. Where have I seen Taylor Kinney before?  (He’s HOT!)  —- anonymous

JIM:  Just when you thought Mystic Falls couldn’t get any hotter with Wesley, Somehalder, Trevino and McQueen on the show, Tyler’s Uncle Mason has shown up and, as you could tell from last week’s episode, he has a secret that has to do with, um, a werewolf heritage in the Lockwood family. But where have you seen the sexy Taylor Kinney before? Most notably, he was a

Kinney was one of the stars of the short-lived FASHION HOUSE

series regular on NBC’s failed medical drama Trauma Before that, his claim to fame was on MyNetworkTV’s disasterous prime time soap Fashion House which also starred Morgan Fairchild and Bo Derek! While Kinney is still listed as a guest star on the show, hopefully he will be upped to series regular over time.

Dear Jim: I loved the first episode of Lone Star but I heard the ratings were not very good Do you think Fox will give the show a chance? (Cathy via email)

Eloise Mumford, James Wolk and Adrienne Palicki at this summer's LONE STAR Panel at TCA.

JIM: Well, they’re giving it at least one more chance since they re-aired the pilot over the weekend and the 2nd episode airs tonight at 9/8c on Fox. There’s some thought that because they were airing the pilot on airplanes and also sent out the DVD with Vanity Fair that a lot of people already saw it so didn’t need to tune in on it’s premiere date. However, tonight’s airing will be very telling. Personally, I hope the show does succeed since the pilot gave us a lot to love and I’m curious to see where things go. As the stars of the show recently told me at the 2-day Fox junket (and those interviews with James Wolk & Eloise Mumford and Adrienne Palicki are posted today at www.TheFutonCritic.com), everyone on this show has secrets which bodes well for the show not resting on the duality of Wolk’s character.  Fingers are crossed but if you liked the show, the best thing you can do is Facebook, Tweet and (above wall) watch! [Note:  Sadly, Fox pulled LONE STAR after it’s low-rated second airing and cancelled it. ]

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Jubbles September 27, 2010 at 12:21 pm

I’m sure Hannah on Bones will be the nicest character ever written. The thing is, I’m not watching it, so I won’t know.

I completely boycott this ridiculous storyline, so the sooner it’s over the better.

I will not watch Booth being a cold-hearted jerk, like he was in the Premier episode. I will not watch them destroy one of my favorite characters. I will not watch him kissing / rolling around with another woman at this stage in the game. I might even forget to tune back in, I feel like B/B lost all chemistry they ever had after the 100th. This storyline could ruin the show forever.

Matt September 27, 2010 at 1:46 pm

I have been a fan of Katheryn Winnick since her amazing appearance on _House_. I would love to see her become a permanent fixture on _Bones_. Maybe Hart Hanson could take an early exit?

iHartBones September 28, 2010 at 2:38 am

I knw that it is irrational but I already hate Hannah and I really hope that she is written out of Bones. I don’t care if she was deworming orphans in Somalia, I refuse to accept her on Bones. Although I will never stop watching Bones I feel that less hardcore fans of the show will lose interest if Booth and Brennan are apart much longer, it has been 6 seasons! I worry that Bones will drop in ratingss if this happens….. Booth and Brennan FOREVER!!!!!!

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